Community Based Programs

The City of Fort Worth offers two funding strategies for Community Based Programs. The goal of each funding strategy is to assist community based organizations in achieving the mission of CCPD: “To enhance the Fort Worth Police Department’s ability to provide quality service and to work in partnership with the community to reduce crime and create a safe environment for all.” 

Opportunities for funding are available for agencies that serve the public in addressing community crime and safety issues, and will strengthen non-profit agencies in their responses to crime and safety problems in order to establish long-term change.

 Please see below for a description of the two funding strategies:

I) Development Grants – projects under this funding strategy will help to develop strong agencies and effective responses on crime/safety problems.

The FY23 Development Grants RFP is now closed. Please check back for future opportunities.

·  Capacity Building Projects – will provide up to $50,000 over one year for eligible agencies to build capacity to effectively address community identified crime/safety problems. Funds are available to build on and establish the agency’s capacity to perform daily operations.

·  Planning Projects - will provide up to $50,000 over one year for eligible agencies to plan and develop a strategy to address a crime/safety problem. Funds are available to evaluate  a proposed crime/safety problem, develop a viable programmatic response, and develop the agency’s ability to respond to those problems.  

·  Strategic Enhancement Projects – will provide up to $50,000 over one year for eligible agencies that propose to address at least one CCPD Goal. Funds are available to enhance current programs that are likely to be sustained beyond the project period.

II) Program Grants – funding under this funding strategy is available to agencies that have a high likelihood of success based on the agency’s documented performance and an established strategy that will result in a change to a relevant crime/safety problem. Program Grants provide up to $300,000 over three years for agencies that propose to make a measurable impact to at least one CCPD goal.

   The FY23 Program Grants RFP is now closed. Please check back for future opportunites.

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