Police Cadet Program

The purpose of the Police Cadet Program is to recruit diverse future applicants to the ranks of the Fort Worth Police Department. This program is designed for high school graduates who are interested in and/or preparing for careers in law enforcement. Police Cadets assist personnel in their assigned area and perform a variety of public safety related duties in support of the department.  


1. Assist in investigation follow up; track emergency protective orders for Sexual Assault; contact reporting persons in missing person’s cases; assist investigative units as determined by the CID supervisors; file, review, and compile case packages.
2. Assist at Citizen on Patrol (COP) and Citizen Police Academy (CPA) training and events.  Provide community service.
3. Assist the Recruiting Unit and Background Investigative Unit as scenario actors, uniform fittings, and physical assessments.
4. Assist the Reality Based range master with range duties; assist defensive tactic instructors with equipment and installation.
5. Provide crime analysis information to citizens; assist in researching and reporting of internal audits in the department.
6. Answer telephones, file and perform data entry. Order, stock and maintain supplies as needed.  Research and compile reports as needed.  Assist with courier duties.
7. Maintain required level of physical fitness for Police Cadets.
8. Adhere to assigned work schedule as outlined in the Department and City attendance policies and procedures; ensure all behaviors comply with the City’s Personnel Rules and Regulations.




Did You Know?

The Fort Worth Police Department has achieved "Recognized" status from the Texas Police Chief's Association Recognition Program. The practices cover various aspects of law enforcement: use of force, protection of citizen rights, pursuits, property and evidence management, and patrol and investigative operations.

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