Active Shooter Response Training

The Active Shooter Response (ASR) training is a seven (7) hour course. The training session consists of three (3) parts:

  • Civilian Response to Active Shooter Event – an evolution of the training created by the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Center at Texas State University. This segment will include history of active shootings, disaster response psychology (how people actually respond when their lives are in danger) and, what actions to take to survive to an active shooter event.
  • Stop-The-Bleed - This segment will include hands on training on how to stop severe bleeding by using tourniquets and packing a wound or applying direct pressure.
  • Scenario-based Training - This training will culminate in an active shooter scenario using simulated gunfire in which the students will apply everything which they just learned and will learn to operate in a high stress fear-filled environment in order to survive an active shooter event.

This class is for Private or Public schools, any district; and is offered only to teachers & school employees.

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