CCPD Board of Directors

The District is governed by an eleven member Board of Directors and is responsible for establishing the annual budget, setting policies, overseeing expenditures and evaluating programs funded by the District.

  • District #1 -    Mattie Parker, Director
  • District #2 -    Carlos Flores, President
  • District #3 -    Michael Crain, Director
  • District #4 -    Charles Lauersdorf, Director
  • District #5 -    Gyna Bivens, Director
  • District #6 -    Jared Williams, Director
  • District #7 -    Macy Hill, Director
  • District #8 -    Chris Nettles, Vice President 
  • District #9 -    Elizabeth Beck, Director
  • District #10 -  Alan Blaylock, Director 
  • District #11 -  Jeanette Martinez, Director

City of Fort Worth
200 Texas St
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Telephone: 817-392-6150

Fort Worth Police Department Honor Code

I will respectfully serve the citizens of Fort Worth and the Fort Worth Police Department. I will dedicate myself to the protection of life, property, and our public trust. My integrity, character, and courage will be above reproach, and I will accept no less from other members of our department.