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Minimum requirements include: Lateral officers must have 3 years of experience handling all types of police calls at a local, county, or state law enforcement agency with at least 30 sworn officers. Officers from agencies with less than 30 sworn officers will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Explanation of PAT - Lateral officers are not required to take the PRA, please reference the bottom of the linked document for a description of the PAT.


1. Complete application on City website.  Lateral officers do not take a civil service test.  
2. Background investigator will contact applicant to issue PHB
3. Fort Worth PD will assist applicant with TCOLE lateral application process.  
4. Polygraph
5. Oral Board interview
6. Physical Assessment Test
7. Medical Exam
8. Psychological Exam

Out-of-state/Out-of-Town Applicants will be processed remotely, but will need to come to Fort Worth once during hiring process for three days to complete items 4-8.

Out-of-state laterals will be hired and report to Fort Worth PD eight weeks prior to the start of the lateral academy to take all courses that TCOLE requires prior to the state certification test.  Upon passing the TCOLE certification test, the 12 week lateral academy will begin. 


Lateral officers with 3-5 years of experience will be compensated at Step 3 and those with 6 or more years of experience will be compensated at Step 4.  View pay table.  

Officers will be paid a 6 % shift differential for all hours worked between 6 PM and 6 AM, $60/month for an Associates Degree, $180/month for a Bachelor’s Degree, and $240/month for a Master’s Degree.       



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