Human Trafficking

The mission of the Human Trafficking Unit is to identify and recover victims of human trafficking leading to the prosecution of human traffickers and to promote public awareness of human trafficking within Fort Worth.


After several female Honduran human trafficking victims were recovered from Fort Worth’s north side bars in 2002, and after that, the recovery of 79 undocumented aliens from within a tractor trailer in 2004, FWPD felt the need to address the problem of human trafficking within its community.

In the summer of 2005, 31 area law enforcement agencies (LEA’s) including Fort Worth and social service providers (NGO’s) formed the North Texas Anti-Trafficking Taskforce (NTATT) to develop working relationships leading to the increase of victim-centered recovery and restoration of human trafficking victims.

In December 2006, FWPD was awarded a three-year federal grant by the United States’ Department of Justice (DOJ) to develop a Human Trafficking Unit. This grant expired; however, the unit continued to exist within the Support Bureau, composed of just one detective.

On January 1, 2016, the Tarrant County 5 Stones Taskforce was created. This taskforce is an extension of the Fort Worth Police Department that responds to domestic sex trafficking and is led by a civilian Program Coordinator.

After being housed under Major Case for three years, in October 2019, the detail became an official unit with a sergeant, two detectives, two officers, and one civilian.  The Unit investigates possible human trafficking operations, recovers potential victims and promotes public awareness of human trafficking. Additionally, Homeland Security Investigations agents work in collaboration with the Unit.

In 2022, FWPD joined the Tarrant County Human Trafficking Taskforce which is a collaborative response to combat human trafficking by bringing together local, state, and federal law enforcement and prosecutors, victim service providers, and other organizations.  This taskforce collaborates with the Tarrant County 5 Stones Taskforce and seeks to enhance the ability to identify and recover victims of all forms of human trafficking, investigate and prosecute traffickers and those who exploit victims, and ensure a wide array of services are available to victims for their stabilization and restoration. 

Structure & Duties of the Human Trafficking Unit

The Human Trafficking Unit is currently composed of six full-time employees:

  • Sergeant
  • Two Detectives
  • Two Officers
  • Civilian program coordinator

The Detectives handle all human trafficking investigations and reports generated, spearhead investigations with outside agencies such as the HSI, and work with state and federal prosecutors in human trafficking cases. They have the ability to pull the team together to ensure state and federal prosecution of the perpetrator and service provision to the victim through advocate agencies..

The Officers assist the detectives and federal agencies such as the HSI in investigations; initiate undercover investigations, conduct human trafficking trainings to FWPD officers as well as training for new police recruits; coordinates social, legal and health services for recovered victims through local non-profits; and work in tandem with the program coordinator to ensure the objectives and goals of the program are met. .

The Program Coordinator supports sworn personnel in the Human Trafficking Unit by managing the FWPD’s taskforce response to sex trafficking (Tarrant County 5 Stones Taskforce), providing educational presentations, and developing local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) partnerships to reduce the load on the Human Trafficking Unit and FWPD. This position works as a unit analyst, supporting the detectives; serves as the public contact for all community interactions and collaborative efforts; develops media relations and publicity activities to foster community involvement and heighten awareness of trafficking issues; and performs a variety of professional tasks in support of the unit. .


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