Digital Forensics

The Fort Worth Police Department’s Digital Forensic Laboratory (DFL) was created in 2004 and is currently located at 1000 Calvert Street.

The DFL is a support unit within the Criminal Investigations Division and reports to the lieutenant of the Forensic & Economic Crimes Section. The DLF sergeant supervises the five sworn detective examiners, one civilian examiner, and one office assistant.

Each examiner must agree not to promote or transfer for five years once selected to for the unit. Forensic training is expensive and each examiner is required to obtain the IACIS Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE) certification.

Examiners are provided state-of-the-art hardware, software, and training to allow for the examination of seized computers, mobile devices, and surveillance video. This includes the ability to conduct JTAG and Chip-off procedures to acquire data from micro-processing chips found inside computer, tablets, and cell phones.

Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP)

In any emergency, good information is crucial. That's why the City of Fort Worth is working with agencies throughout North Texas to build a database of residents with special needs — to ensure assistance is available when disasters strike.

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