Crisis Intervention Team

In September 2017, the Fort Worth Police Department created the Mental Health Crisis Intervention Team or CIT.

Currently, the Mental Health Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is comprised of six (6) specially trained and TCOLE certified Mental Health Peace Officers. Each officer is assigned a patrol division and is under the direction of a Corporal and a Sergeant CIT coordinates in-home follow-up visits with mental health consumers. Alongside Tarrant County law liaisons, our officers ensure that these consumers are receiving continuous care for their diagnosed mental illness. This cooperative effort between the FWPD CIT and Tarrant County MHMR is intended to reduce the calls for service by patrol officers to incidents involving mental health consumers and to reduce the threat of potential violence associated with people who suffer from mental illness.

The primary purpose of the Mental Health Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is to reduce the hazards associated with interactions between law enforcement and people suffering from mental illness as well as proactively engaging mental health consumers who pose a threat to the community as a whole.

The secondary purpose of CIT is to reduce return calls for service related to mental health consumers, ultimately freeing patrol officers to provide better service to the community.

Mission Statement

The Fort Worth Police Department exists to safeguard the lives and property of those we serve, to reduce the incidence and fear of crime, and to enhance public safety through partnering and building trust with the community. We strive to accomplish our mission by conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards, respecting the sanctity of human life, and preserving the rights and dignity of each individual in our diverse community.