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West Division
3525 Marquita Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76116
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Criminal Investigations
3532 Joyce Dr
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Crime Prevention Specialist
Kala Sloan
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West Division

West Division serves a culturally diverse, thriving community home to many neighborhoods and commercial destinations. The boundaries are generally from the west bank of the Trinity River to the east near downtown, Parker County to the west, Granbury Road to the south, and Jacksboro Highway to the north. Included within these boundaries are large retail shopping centers such as Ridgmar Mall, Hulen Mall, and University Park Village. The division also consists of one of the busiest destinations in the city along the W. 7th corridor that includes Montgomery Plaza, So7, and the Crockett Row residential, retail, and commercial developments. Additionally, the Historic Camp Bowie Boulevard, Texas Christian University, and the Cultural District are in West Division.

West Division Boundaries Map


West Division Goals/Status Dashboard

FY17-FY21 Strategic Plan Implementation Highlights

  • Neighborhood Police Officers conduct Crime Free Multi-Housing on a continuing basis.
  • West 7th Street storefront opened in September 2018 to better serve the area.
  • Partnered with LVTRise (Las Vegas Trail Revitalization Project) to service the area along the Las Vegas Trail corridor.
  • Neighborhood Police Officers met with many citizens and businesses to address neighborhood quality of life issues.
  • Neighborhood Police Officers are active in Code Blue After Dark, FWPAL, and Read2Win programs.
  • Worked with Public Information Officers to develop new social media recruitment opportunities to recruit new CODE Blue members.
  • Conducted multiple special details including Trinity River Patrol with dirt bikes, and the west parks and trails COPS group patrol on bicycles.
  • Patrol staff worked with the West Side Business Association, West 7th Bar and Restaurant Owners Association, and the LVTRise Economic Development group.
  • Neighborhood Police Officers worked with apartment owners and the City’s Legal Department to combat quality of life issues in the Las Vegas Trail and the COMO area.
  • Worked with Birchman Baptist Church and the Restoration Center to assist with the needs of area homeless.

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Status Indicators Defined

On target

A green arrow indicates that the goal is on target to be accomplished by their estimated completion date. “On target” items may also be ongoing items continuously being implemented by the department.

Lagging goalA yellow square indicates that the goal is lagging and needs to be monitored in the near term to ensure that the goal can be completed within the specified timeline.

Insufficient progressA red arrow indicates that the goal has insufficient progress needed to meet the specified timeline. A red status should not be interpreted as failure—it simply means that the goal or action item needs more attention to ensure that the specified timeline can be met. Please note that external factors can play a role in the inability to meet timelines such as funding and staffing.

Being monitoredA blue circle indicates that the goal is currently being monitored and that the implementation of that goal is expected to start in a future quarter or year. Please note that external factors can play a role in the inability to meet timelines such as funding and staffing.

Fort Worth Police Department Honor Code

I will respectfully serve the citizens of Fort Worth and the Fort Worth Police Department. I will dedicate myself to the protection of life, property, and our public trust. My integrity, character, and courage will be above reproach, and I will accept no less from other members of our department.