Jason Kim

Email Commander

Northwest Division
2500 N Houston St
Fort Worth, TX 76164
(817) 392-4600

Criminal Investigations
2500 N Houston St
Fort Worth, TX 76164
(817) 392-4600

Crime Prevention Specialist
Dot Kent
4651 N Main St
Fort Worth, TX 76106
Office (817) 392-3537


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Northwest Division

Northwest Division is one of the most historic and culturally diverse areas of our city that is experiencing constant growth and positive transformation. From the historic Fort Worth Stockyards to Eagle Mountain Lake, this division is rich in tradition and economic growth that has sparked new neighborhoods and businesses in the area. The Fort Worth Police Department and the officers within the Northwest Division have a strong bond with the community and value the relationships and partnerships created in an effort to combat crime as well as improve quality of life.

Northwest Division Boundaries Map

Fort Worth Police Department Honor Code

I will respectfully serve the citizens of Fort Worth and the Fort Worth Police Department. I will dedicate myself to the protection of life, property, and our public trust. My integrity, character, and courage will be above reproach, and I will accept no less from other members of our department.