Register Active Shooter Class for Teachers & School Staff

This class is for Private or Public schools, any district; and is offered only to teachers & school employees. Information for where the class is located will be emailed to them once their registration is confirmed.  No guests will be allowed and please bring your credentials with you to the class.  When registering for one of the classes below; be sure to include:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Cell phone number
  • District & school name
  • Photo of school ID card
  • List of 3 choices for class date from list below
  • The dates are:
  • June 15, 2024
  • June 29, 2024
This is a one day course from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm


Register/Email for Class


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Residents and businesses across the city can register their privately owned surveillance camera systems

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