Electronic Ticket Writers

The Fort Worth Police Department, along with the City of Fort Worth Code Compliance Department and Transportation/Public Works Department, recently purchased a new electronic ticket writer solution. While the Police Department already utilized electronic ticket writer technology, this new solution allows us to expand the program from just over 20 devices, to 150, and harness the latest E-Citation technology.   Instead of hand-written citations that have to be re-entered into the court management systems, officers will easily be able to enter citation information in a mobile device, which is automatically uploaded into our court management system. This will reduce the time spent on traffic stops, and increase safety - not just for the officer, but for the accused violator.

Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP)

In any emergency, good information is crucial. That's why the City of Fort Worth is working with agencies throughout North Texas to build a database of residents with special needs — to ensure assistance is available when disasters strike.

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