Partners with a Shared Mission - Mission Partners

Mission Partners address Partner priorities that both the Fort Worth Police Department and the CCPD Board has identified as requiring ongoing development and investment. These identified priorities are: Afterschool Programs, Gang Intervention, and Victim Services.


Partners programs include:  


After School Programs

  • Crowley

  • Fort Worth

  • Keller

  • White Settlement

  • Boys & Girls Clubs (Safe Haven Program)

  • United Community Centers (Safe Haven Program)

Victim Services

  • Alliance for Children (Crimes Against Children Unit)

  • Crime Prevention Agency Partnership with One Safe Place/Safe City Commission

  • Family Justice Center

Gang Intervention Programs

  • Comin Up Gang

  • VIP FW


Program Contact:

CCPD Partners


Fort Worth Police Foundation

The Fort Worth Police Foundation, formerly known as the Fort Worth Police Officers’ Award Foundation, is a non-profit organization that exists to recognize and promote the professionalism and excellence of Fort Worth Police Officers. Founded in 1981, it was established by the business community to support local police and recognize excellence in performance with the ultimate goal being a reduction in crime. To make a donation, or for more information, click the button below.

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