Andre L. Johnson

Andre is inspirational speaker, corporate trainer, licensed minister, and college degree professional. His training and messages have cut across multicultural lines and reach thousands from all walks of life. He has provided methods and best practices that’s helped countless students’ commit to their dreams and goals, and he has inspired the homeless to believe, just because you are homelessness you don’t have to be hopeless. He provides training on Leadership, Building Effective Relationships and Understanding Diversity in the Work place to corporations and community organizations. Andre’s messages have reached Enugu Nigeria in Africa and inspired Strickland Middle school to build their graduation ceremony around his poem “Survive”. Andre currently works with Cornerstone Assistance Network spearheading their Re-Entry program by providing a Human Core Development (TM) and Career Readiness training for individuals in the Fort Worth Tarrant County jail. In addition, he works with churches to help parishioners identify their place in the workforce. In 2009 Andre received his first NATIONAL award for his work with the homeless population; he was awarded the Jodi Spiegel Enhancement of Customer Service Award for his work. This award annually recognizes one United States citizen who directly affects the customers of the workforce development system through enhanced assessment strategies, customer focused procedures, and related services. (Awarded by: The National Assoc. of Workforce Development Professionals’’ (NAWDP) in Washington, D.C.).

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