Instructor Opportunities

One of the most common requests we receive at the training academy is the availability of teaching opportunities. Below is the information on how to submit a course for inclusion in the training catalog. The course catalog includes:

  • TCOLE mandated courses
  • Intermediate core courses
  • Specialty courses that focus on a specific area of law enforcement

Courses can be specific to your area of expertise, or training. The audience can be general, such as patrol officers, or more specific such as Criminal Investigation Detectives.

If you are interested in developing a course, you will need to submit the following information to The Advanced Training Unit for review no less than 30 days before the date of the class:

  • Lesson Plan
  • Instructor Resume (must be a TCOLE instructor to teach a TCOLE accredited courses or have a TCOLE instructor as part of the teaching team if multiple instructors are used)
  • Test (Written, verbal, or practical. If a practical test is used, we need a list of the criteria used to determine if the students meet the standards of the test)
  • PowerPoint (If used)
  • Handouts (if used)
  • Scenarios (If used)
  • Brief course abstract (paragraph describing the course)
  • Schedule availability (Provide as many dates as possible to help alleviate schedule and room conflicts); classes will be scheduled based on the order all the required materials are received 
  • Class size standard size is 35 students. If you need to restrict the size of the class, please include that information.

Fort Worth Police Foundation

The Fort Worth Police Foundation, formerly known as the Fort Worth Police Officers’ Award Foundation, is a non-profit organization that exists to recognize and promote the professionalism and excellence of Fort Worth Police Officers. Founded in 1981, it was established by the business community to support local police and recognize excellence in performance with the ultimate goal being a reduction in crime. To make a donation, or for more information, click the button below.

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