Advanced Training Unit

Bob Bolen Public Safety ComplexWelcome to the new Advanced Training Unit (ATU) web site. The ATU is a unit within the training division that is focused on developing and providing advanced continuing education to the Fort Worth Police Department. It is the goal of the ATU to provide the latest training in law enforcement knowledge and skills in classroom, scenario based training, and on-line formats. By using these different formats in combination with each other, students will be better able to not only learn the information and skills, but also readily use them in the field.

On this site you will be able to find information about the current training being offered. Below is a brief description of the different pages and the information you will find on each.

The TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES page is designed to provide detailed information about the available courses, including descriptions and schedules.

The INSTRUCTOR OPPORTUNITIES page will provide information on how to receive TCOLE credit for outside courses, and what is needed to have a course included in the course catalog. If you are interested in submitting a course to be included into the ATU catalog, please read the information on this page, which explains the information required and deadlines for submissions.

The FIREARMS/SIMULATOR/METCON page lists the different training opportunities that are available on an ongoing basis. These include Firearms Range Practice & Qualifications, the Judge Simulator information, the Driving Simulator information and METCON physical training. The schedule of available dates and times for these training opportunities will be updated on a regular basis.

The TCLOLE/IN-SERVICE page will list the current TCOLE training cycle requirements. This will include the specific courses that are required, and the deadlines for each training unit within the cycle as well as the current TCOLE requirements for Intermediate, Advanced, and Master Peace Officer certifications.

Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP)

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