Advanced Training Unit

Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex

The Advanced Training Unit (ATU) is a unit within the training division that is focused on developing and providing advanced continuing education to the Fort Worth Police Department. It is the goal of the ATU to provide the latest training in law enforcement knowledge and skills through classroom, online, and scenario-based training. By utilizing different combinations of these formats, students will be better able to learn the information and skills, and readily use them in the field.

The TCOLE page will provide information about the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, it’s history, it’s mission and it’s training requirements.

The FWPD Training Calendar page is designed to provide information about available training and schedules for Fort Worth Police Department Sworn Personnel, including in-classroom, online, weapons training and qualifications, and physical agility testing. These are subject to change.

The Obtaining TCOLE Credit  page explains how to obtain TCOLE credit for a course you are teaching at the academy, if you are hosting a conference or an outside course and wish to provide TCOLE credit to those attending the course, or if you attended an outside course as a student and want to earn TCOLE credit for that course.

The Instructing Opportunities page will provide information on how to receive TCOLE credit for outside courses, and what is needed to have a course included in the course catalog. If you are interested in submitting a course to be included into the ATU catalog, please read the information on this page.

Contact Information

Advanced Training Unit
General Information

Training Coordinator
Captain Deven Pitt


Advanced Training Unit Sergeant Sergeant Chris Read

Advanced Training Unit Curriculum Coordinator
Officer Daniel McCreery
Outside Training Coordinator
Officer James Dunn

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